Sunday, August 21, 2011

Celebrating the small wins...

This last weekend was all about celebrating our achievements and by God did we celebrate!

JFDI - Just Friggin Do It, became Just Friggin Drink it! ( thanks Scott Farrell for that )

While the party was terrific and the workout was hard but really good, my biggest win was in the plane on the way up.

Last time I was in a plane I had to ask for an extension belt and I was embarrassed and ashamed.

This was one of my first goals, not to EVER have to ask for that extension belt again.

I got to my seat and I put on the belt and had at least 4 inches to spare!! I was so happy I took a photo to remember.

Watching the winners of #12wbt was inspirational, they have inspired me to work really hard in Round 3 to achieve my best results so far and by goodness I am going straight back to Just Friggin Do It and water will be my only drink of choice !


  1. Ooooh! I remember that feeling of not having to get an extension seatbelt and realising that plane seats were ok-ish. I'm looking forward to having a lot more room to spare ;)


  2. Yay - what a great achievement. Well done. And funny Scott - he does come up with some cracker comments! lol.

    Hope this week has been going really well for you. :)