Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Power of a Team

Today was City to Surf Day- just another day to me normally but today was different. I am still new to exercise and only just started to train about 4 months ago and still am obese, so I know the C2S was beyond my current capabilities. I have done an 8k walk and an 11k walk, both flat so my goal is to do C2S next year.

This morning when I woke up, I turned on the TV and watched the C2S- I was looking for purple shirts ( signature colour of our 12WBT team colours) !

I loved watching the look on everyones faces as they crossed the finish line.

I love the look on Kurt Fearnley's face as he crossed, what an amazing achivement for an amazing athlete!

I watched the male winner and then the female winner cross and could see the jubilation in their faces. I watched the faces of every person who crosseed that finish line.

I wasnt there, but I think I understood how they may have felt, how I may have felt if that was me.

4 months I couldnt give a stuff, but now I was really excited about the goals everyone has set and had achieved.

Everyone has different levels of fitness and has different goals on what they wanted to achieve.

I got off my arse and went to the gym, I had my 12wbt purple shirt on of course!

I did my best time on the bike for 10k and also on the Xtrainer, pretty ordinary times compared to others but I am not here to compare, I am going to do my best and be inspired by the best of others!

The highlight of the day was coming home from the gym and reading on Facebook about everyones achivements and congratulating them all on how well they all did.

I dont even know many of these people personally ( my 12wbt team, my new friends ) and the people I do know- I am so proud of you all - because we all have a similar aim, we are all working to be the best versions of ourselves, no matter what level we are at.

Congratulations to everyone who did the C2S today, what an amazing achievement and you should all be so proud, and I will be proud to join you next year to feel the exhiliration you all felt today.


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